Saturday, December 13, 2008

start making money online with seo - how to increase blog traffic

Traffic is one of the most important parameters for your blog. Most people create a blog in order to be read by others. The more people who find your blog, the people who will read your ideas.
Here are some tips to boost your blog traffic:

  • 1. Publicize your site. Tell all your friends that you have a blog or site, and then tell them to open the blog and tell their friends. You can do this by talking directly to your friends, sending instant messages or by putting a link to your blog in your webforum signature.
    2. Join blog aggregators, and other medias. Don’t forget to always remind them about your site. Or you can ask them to add link on their blogroll or link exchange.
    3. Optimizing your blog ranking in search engine queries. Optimize your blog, so for some keywords people typed, your blog can be in first page or second page in search engine results. If your site has a high rank, people can more easily find your blog.
    4. Submit your blog site in social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites list of websites and blogs that have been submitted to them.
    5. Blogwalk. Blogwalking means visiting other blogs from one blog to another blog. Blogwalking helps you for increasing traffic. But you have to leave comments on any of the posts you read. To comment, fill the name, email and url form. From comments list, other bloggers can find your name then click your name that contained your blog url. If you often leave comments in many other blogs, you’ll be famous in blogging world. Post Hot Topics. If there are events or news that people are talking about, try to write about them in your blog. Some bloggers specifically choose controversial topics to attract attention. This may have some unintended consequences both to the popularity of your blog and your SEO techniques.
    Things to remember :

    Do Not promote a site with less than 10 posts
    Do Not Use traffic boosters to get traffic
    Do Not choose methods to get un-targeted traffic
    Do Not over submit your blogs to social bookmarking sites
    Do Not submit bad posts to social bookmarking sites