Saturday, February 21, 2009

start making money online with seo:avoid seo mistakes

Top Question - Why my page rank so poor ?

Best Excuse - My content is awsome, its only fault of search engine.

Smart Idea - Get basic knowledge of SEO and implement it.

Great Result - great ranking , great traffic , great online money making

Although you are good web creater, but we humans have rights to do mistakes whether in real life or in the field of website designing , mistakes (which we don't realise at right time but we get its result afterwards) these mistakes lead us to partial or total faliure in the race of making money online . The biggest design mistake made by Web designers and site owners is to treat search engine optimization (SEO) as an afterthought, rather than a main component of the design process.

There are some SEO mistakes which are avoided for good search engine ranking ,with few steps:

1. Think about your title :

Search engine gives a great deal of weight to title , when judging keyword relevance. Don’t stuff your titles with keywords but don’t avoid using them, either. If you are running a company. Use company name after main keyword phrase to which you want to optimize .

2.Socialize your site :

Submit your site to social media like social marker this will bring extra traffic to your site . If your site doesn’t have any social media tools or connections, it’s automatically at a disadvantage. Get a blog, at least. Add buttons that let your visitors report interesting content to social aggregators like Technorati, Digg,Propellerand lots more.

3.Think about your content give search engine something to read:

You can have the most technically search-optimized site in the world, but if real people don’t want to read any of it, it will never improve by much. Search engines want sites that people want to visit. Use only keyword rich content not only at homepage but also in interior pages also.We really like flash and think it can be a very useful presentation tool; most web sites do not properly deploy it into their web pages. The search engines unfortunately are not able to index content or navigation that is embedded in a flash file. Do not use flash intro andwrong keywords.Use keywords multiple time on page.Don't copy your content. Search engines prefer original content. If bots see virtually identical blocks of text they credit whatever page they think was the original and downgrade the rest. The black hat technique known as “scraping” steals other site’s content, but it never works like the original. You don’t have to be a scraper to make this mistake though. If you bought most of your content from a prefab source or through an affiliate scheme you’ll suffer the same problems. This isn’t just for text, either. Copied design elements aren’t rated as highly either. Avoid all-Flash content. Bots can’t read Flash. Maybe they’ll be able to some day, but for now Flash is programming code (as opposed to simple markup) that doesn’t display its content (what you see) in any bot-readable fashion. For SEO purposes, using Flash on a page is like tossing it in the trash. Include bot-readable page elements, even if they don't draw a visitor's attention -- but don't use hidden text either.

4. Think about your coding:

If your site uses outdated HTML or generally wacky code. Examples include using the bold tag instead of the strong tag, visible HTML tabling, frames and anything else that makes the site look bad, you won't get as many visitors. Comply with the most recent universal HTML standards.

5. Think about robots.txt file -

Robots.txt file is useful for your website indexing because it tells the search spider where to go and what to leave .So please take care of your robot.txt file.

6. Think about backlinks -

Search engines use the sites that link to your site as a vote of importance and relevancy. You should attempt to get good relevant links for other important web sites. The best way to get good natural incoming links is to have good content.