Monday, March 23, 2009

start making money online with seo:start making money online with 3 steps

Successful SEO for making money online

You have to follow these 3 simple steps. By following only three steps

I am sure you will see the improvement in your Search Engine ranking (google or any other) and your target of making money online with seo and last but not the least in your affiliate sales too.


i.e.KEYWORD-RICH content

What are your keywords?

These are what you want your targeted audience type in search queries.

Ideal number of keywords: max. 13 words

How you write your description?

Descript your website using each of your important keywords.

Your description should not more than 35 words or max 255 characters. The first 60 characters are visible on google, make sure the most important keyword is slot in the first 60 characters.

How often your keywords appear in your content?

It’s not that the more is the best.

Your primary keyword density shouldn’t be lower than 3% and should never be higher than 5%. If your content have 100 words in count, then it should have around 3–5 keywords within the content. Try to maintain 5% density for your primary keywords. Keyword density below 3% will not be picked up by the search engine.


Site architecture and Page Layout

Search engines and your site visitors must be given an easy way to access to your keyword-rich content. This is what we called “Website accessibility”. How’s your text, images, and multimedia files arranged in the page tells the search engine and your site visitors what are the important messages you want to bring out.

Can you see the different between these both contents?

Example 1 : Make Money Online & Income for life secrets exposed! Learn the SECRET of profitable online businesslike affiliate marketing, online network marketing that build your residual income.

Example 2 : Make Money Online & Income for life secrets exposed! Learn the SECRET of profitableonline business like affiliate marketing, online network marketing that build your residual income.


Popularity Link Development

This refers to the number of third-party links pointing to your URL or web site. One-way link will has more credit compare to two-way link. If you want to get some links, try to get some quality links. Its better from the same industry,a link of a dog website will not help a technology website.

If you able to place your link in Page Rank 3 or higher websites, definitely it will helps with your Search Engine Ranking. Did your SEO campaign follow these 3 fundamental steps? Wish you have a better ranking improvement for your website.

now start making money online with these steps

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Start making money online with seo:start making money online with content

Making money online with content
This post is mainly built for newbies to tell how content of a site/blog is useful in search engine optimizition.
SEO / Search engine optimization plays major role in online money making .If you have any blog or website and you want it to make money for you .it will not work for you if it is not OPTIMIZED or if it do not have good search engine ranking or it is not listed in top 30 result or it is not placed on first three pages of search engine .
If your site / blog is optimized then you will get good amount of visitors (traffic) and have good income with google adsense and other affiliate programs placed on your site/blog .

Now, the question arises
what is seo/search engine optimization?
Web definition of seo -
the process of improving ranking in search engine results .

I will not discuss in detail but provide you with tips for your first step to seo
Content for Search Engine Optimazation SEO.

Some websites get on top of search engine ranking because of link building to other high ranked websites, but when we talk about visitor loyalty and traffic .It always requires good and optimized content.

Social Bookmarking
If the content is really good (i.e. controversial, substantial, significant to a great part of the crowd), you will definitely get good amount of traffic from social bookmarking sites .

Take note of word count
Stick to at least 250 words a page. Writing down for an appropriate length of text means being more able to include more related terms for the target keywords.

Giving Search Engine something to read
It happens many times that we use Keyword rich content mostly at home/main/first page of our site Avoid this mistake . Use keyword rich content at interior pages also . You may also set some keyphrases in bold letters. That tells the spiders which terms you’re trying to emphasize, just don’t overdo it.

Quality vs Quantity
It's not only the quality of content which matters - quantity is also very important. People search for a huge variety of words in all sorts of combinations.
Some search engines also place importance on quantity - they assume that a large website has had more effort put into development and is more likely to be high quality.

Do not try to impress Search engine with images and videos. Search engines scans your Web pages for words not for images and videos .So , try to avoid more images and videos ( use them where ever necessary).

Content-based SEO is usually hard work in the initial stages , It can also be difficult for some websites to create enough content to be effective. However it is likely to give you the best, most stable long-term results. Once established, content-based SEO becomes easier to maintain than other methods.

start making money online with seo:start making money online with blogging

why to use blogs rather than website?

Why to start blogging for making money online , rather than a website?

There are several reasons :

  • Creating a website requires lot of knowledge and skill like languages , domains, hosting and so on . But you can start blog in a few minutes without having proper knowledge , but you should have proper e mail address at gmail it's quite enough . Now what you have to do is to open your account at with your gmail account it is a very simple procedure . Any one could join blogger its totally free service .
  • As blogs content can be upadated daily or as your wish . So , you can update your thoughts or knowledge time to time and communicate it to whole world . Blogs are increasing day by day and being used as communication means to share significant information with customersas well as friends or anyone in this big world . Just because blogs are updated in real time, businesses are now finding blogs to be the Fastest as well as most precise ways to allocate their message about their new products or services .
  • Blogs plays major role in driving traffic to your website as you can create as many blogs as you want with hundreds of posts on each blog with different topics or you write on topics you like and topics that other like and throw them in to huge network , more the numbers of blogs more the traffic and also more money .