Monday, March 16, 2009

start making money online with seo:start making money online with blogging

why to use blogs rather than website?

Why to start blogging for making money online , rather than a website?

There are several reasons :

  • Creating a website requires lot of knowledge and skill like languages , domains, hosting and so on . But you can start blog in a few minutes without having proper knowledge , but you should have proper e mail address at gmail it's quite enough . Now what you have to do is to open your account at with your gmail account it is a very simple procedure . Any one could join blogger its totally free service .
  • As blogs content can be upadated daily or as your wish . So , you can update your thoughts or knowledge time to time and communicate it to whole world . Blogs are increasing day by day and being used as communication means to share significant information with customersas well as friends or anyone in this big world . Just because blogs are updated in real time, businesses are now finding blogs to be the Fastest as well as most precise ways to allocate their message about their new products or services .
  • Blogs plays major role in driving traffic to your website as you can create as many blogs as you want with hundreds of posts on each blog with different topics or you write on topics you like and topics that other like and throw them in to huge network , more the numbers of blogs more the traffic and also more money .

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