Thursday, February 19, 2009

start making money online with seo:ways to increase blog traffic

If you are a blogger trying make money blogging, traffic is everything to your blog. By following these SEO (search engine optimation) tips and tricks, your blog will get more traffic. Remember that traffic boom not arrive in one day. It take times and requires your patient. And don’t forget keep on posting good content for your blog. This is real tip. Here is some traffic tips for your blog…
Best ways to increase blog traffic:-
1. Write posts people desire to read. Although this seems obvious, taking a quick look around many blogs you will find thousands upon thousands with too much personal information and not enough useful information. Do people really want to read about your cat? Or better yet, do you really want to attract the kind of people who want to read about your cat? Create timeless, conversational posts about relevant topics. Consider what you would want to read and write that!
2. Become THE expert on your topic. Research and stay current on your blog topic. People do not want old news rehashed.

3. Utilize Search Engine Optimization. Learn all you can about SEO, and use it for your blog much like you would use it to optimize a website. This means, place keywords in the URL to your blog, the title of your post, the body of your post, and within your post text links.

4. Don't make your blogs too much like an advertisement. Readers feel used and abused when they visit a site thinking they will find useful information only to discover they are reading a blatant advertisement for some product or service. By making an expert and providing thoughtful and thorough information, you are going to peak the interest of readers and make them WANT to learn more about your product.

5. Create some drama, controversy, and BUZZ. People love wars of words, some controversy here and there. It creates wanted buzz and develops readers who will return to your blog just to see if anything is brewing. Always allow comments blogs, and post comments on other blogs that will cause readers to want to visit your blog to see what you are all about.

6. Send notification of blog-updates via e-mail. For those potential readers who are not going to seek out a blog post, e-mail is a great way to reel them in. Use a free blog service or an auto-responder to invite readers and manage your reader list.

7.Make sure the link to your blog is on every piece of written communication you send. Include the link in your newsletters, brochures, business cards, in your e-mail signature, and in every post you make on various forums.

8.Blog often. You want people to know they can expect a blog from you daily or weekly. If you are inconsistent or rarely post a blog, it is difficult to develop a reader-base. Set a goal for your writing and stick to it.

This is one serious service that will allow blogs out rank normal websites. Ping is a service by some websites that allows you to announce them everytime you publish a new post or edited an old post. Search engine rank websites that change their content frequently. The logic behind this is websites change frequently because they update the latest information about their topic very often. That helps the search engines to provide high quality and latest information to their users.

10.Outbound Links
Have you heard that linking to low quality or spam sites will get your websites ranked lower? On the other hand, linking to websites which have high authority on related topic will give you a high ranking. Read related blogs which have very high authority and link to them. You might get a higher ranking. I’m not 100% sure about this but I’m a strong believer of this step.

11.. Interlinking
Do you have a strong interlinking structure in your blog that each of your posts link to each other?
This is important because your blog will not just get traffic from the keyword you aiming for. From this step onwards, I’m going to share some tips to get traffic from untargeted keywords. If your main keyword is “acne treatment”, there’s a chance that you might get traffic from “how to get rid of black head fast and easy”. The keyword is not planned but you simply have the keyword in your blog and Google pull it out when someone do a search on that keyword.
If you want to rank high for untargeted keywords, one of the strategies is getting your blog posts to link to each other with related keywords. That will give you a higher chance to get traffic from these keywords.

12.use seo friendly url

13.Go to ‘Permalink Settings’ of your blog and change the permalink structure with this “/%category%/%post name%”. This setting will turn the end of the url of each of your post into the words you use in your post title. This will help a lot in getting untargeted keyword’s traffic too.

" Best way to increase traffic is to use article service like hubpages , squidoo create hubs and lenses and link them to your blogs or websites and see the result" .
You will notice sudden increase in traffic