Monday, December 29, 2008

start making money online with seo:niche sites

These days blogging is used to give ideas, tips, latest news ,promoting online business , generating traffic to a site or blog and writing about something you know about , but question arises how do i get traffic ?

Simple answer build a Niche blog/site

NICHE will help you in search engine optimization as well as generates great amount of traffic , results in increased number of impressions and hits to your blog /site and helps you achieve new heights in you business / affiliate program / ppc program etc.

Start niche blog by choosing a product or type of products or information and write short posts by inserting keywords you know people are searching .
For example - you want to start blog for" make money" to create a successful niche its better to have several blogger account it'll help you to make several blogs of same niche .
Now, create several blogs for" make money online" .
Example - BLOG No. 1 = " Make money online" which have several posts -
post No. 1 make money online with affiliate programs
post No. 2 make money online with google adsense
post No. 3 make money online with Great products
BLOG No. 2 = "Make money online with seo" which will also have many posts-
post No. 1 make money online with seo
post No. 2 make money online with seo and niche sites
And sooooooo.................. on ........on.............on.....................
Now , Link Each blog and its post to each other it will be great for search engine optimization .
As you have seen that i had used same keyword i.e. " make money online" so this niche will optimize for word " make money online". Also submit your blog to niche directories in your category, get link exchanges with similar sites.