Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is AOL site just SEO spam?

AOL quietly released a new content site at Love.com earlier this month, but according to a number of search engine optimization (SEO) experts, the site is nothing more than spam.

Although AOL has done little to promote the site so far, TechCrunch says the company will officially roll out the product later this year with AOL saying the site's goal is "to create sites with content on any topic that people love."But most in the industry appear to be saying that the site's various subdomains create nothing more than spammy material.Aaron Wall seems to lay the blame at the feet of Google after Eric Schmidt, the search engine's CEO said an emphasis on brands would "sort out the cesspool.""Counter to Eric Schmidt's claims, any objective viewer of search would note that brands are creating the cesspool," Wall wrote at SEOBook. "This is the driving corporate SEO strategy across MANY verticals today: make up for ad declines by polluting Google with recycled garbage."On Twitter Wall also notes that Love.com has more than 100,000 pages in Google's index including items like beowulf.love.com, Schwarzenegger.love .com and dinosaurs.love.com.The controversy behind Love.com should shed new light on how original content can help with search engine optimization (SEO).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Start Making Money Online With Instant Traffic

Every website owner a dream to get traffic-to-website/blog. You should know though that driving traffic to your . All you need to do is to find out about the strategies that successful site owners use and master them.

Here are some of the top tips for building site/blog traffic:

Build Quality Links

One lasting technique to drive traffic to your site is to build incoming links to your site. Links are a source of direct clicks from visitors. Search engines also love sites with lots of links sitting on other sites. These can get your site noticed and indexed faster by search engines. Do take note though that you can't just generate any kind of link. You should pick sites that have reasonably good traffic and are related to your site.

Join Online Communities and Networks

You can draw traffic to website pages by joining online groups and communities. These include social networks, blogging groups, niche forums and bookmarking sites. Your participation will allow you to post links and content from your site that may attract readers to check what else is in your site. Many online social communities will also let you build a reputation for yourself. People who find your responses useful and professional will most likely be encouraged to check your main site.

Use Articles to Draw Visitors and Build Links

There is such a thing as article marketing. This is actually a broad topic but in essence, it simply involves writing articles and distributing them online. The basic idea is to write articles related to your site or niche. You can then use these articles as material for free newsletters or e-mail content to your subscribers. You can also submit articles to article directories for free. These directories let their users post author boxes with links to your site. Again, links are good for search engine indexing purposes and for actual readers to click on.

Invest in good advertising with search engines

Google’s Adwords and Yahoo’s Overture provide great advertising schemes that are very truly popular and assures great traffic. Although with this surefire way to increase your traffic would cost some money. While some would shy away from spending money to increase traffic, it is imperative in this case to do so because Adwords and Overture is the top surefire way to increase your traffic.
You could see for yourself the success this search engine advertising methods have reaped rewards for so many companies. Lots of site feature these advertising system and many have signed on to reap the benefits. Do not be left behind. Every penny is worth it with using Google and Yahoo’s advertising.

Use Viral Marketing

Viral marketing allows you to spread the word about your company and product without any costs or if ever low costs only. This is a marketing method that can be quite sneaky; you can attach your company’s name, product or link to a certain media such as a funny video, entertaining game, an interesting article or a gossip or buzz. With this method, people get infected with the creativity and entertainment of the medium that they will pass it on to many people.

Post Original and Useful Content

You may have already heard that content is king. This is a fact that has held true from the moment the internet was invented to this very day. It is therefore the top key to draw visitors to your site and keep them coming back. People are looking for fresh, original and useful information and you must be able to provide that. Apparently, search engines have also been tweaked to have the same preferences. These engines index and push to the top, those sites that have good and fresh content.

Search and use proper keywords or keyword phrases for your sites content

Search engines look for certain keywords that they would show in their results page. In doing so, having the right keyword and keyword phrase is a high requirement in ranking in high in search engine results. You could write your own content or you could hire someone to do it for you.

Write Articles that can lead traffic to your site

Submit articles to sites that would contain the same subject that your site deals in. If you sell car parts write press releases and articles about cars and car parts. Attach your sites description and services at the end of the article as well as the link.Web 2. 0 sites:sites like squidoo and hubpages have evolved very fast and have become the favourite information resource of a lot of people. You can generate a lot of traffic to your site by writing insightful reviews. These sites allows to include the links to your sites or blogs.


Another super effective way of branding and generating prospects. Blogs are very easy to create and maintain. Put some quality content on your blog on daily basis then ping it using pingomatic, submit it to blog directories and social bookmarking sites. You can use reciprocal linking to enhance the popularity and page rank of your blog. Once you get high page ranking you start to get unlimited free search enzine traffic.

Join forums and form online communities

Capture a market and show your expertise and credibility. When you found a good foundation for your site, people will trust you and your site and will pass on to many people their trust. Traffic will certainly increase because they know that you can provide what they need.

Lastly, Offer newsletters.

If many people know what you are about and your existence is shared with many others, you will find a loyal traffic that can provide you with more traffic by recommendation. If you arouse the curiosity of your customers they would be pushed to help you with your traffic.

Make Money Online With Blog SEO

Bloggers who are interested in building high traffic to their blog and maintaining a successful blog should pay particular attention to search engine optimization techniques which can help to improve the search engine rankings of their blogs. Search engines all employ some type of ranking algorithm which is used to determine the order in which websites are returned when an Internet user searches for information on a particular topic. However, not all search engines use the same algorithm for this purpose. As a result there is no simple solution to optimizing a blog for high rankings on all search engines. There are a few tips though which can be useful with most search engines. These tips include using relevant keywords, generating back links to your blogs and using image tags in a beneficial way.

The Importance of Keywords

The use of relevant keywords in blog posts is one of the most common and also one of the simplest ways to optimize search engine rankings. However, not all bloggers agree on the best ways to use relevant keywords to optimize search engine rankings. Some bloggers believe keywords must be used often to create high keyword densities while others believe using keywords at lower densities of 1%-3% and paying attention to placement of the keywords is the most worthwhile strategy. Still other bloggers argue that simply using relevant keywords as they come naturally in the flow of the blog posts is sufficient to ensure search engines understand the content of the blog.

Regardless of the keyword strategy a blogger opts to employ all bloggers can benefit from researching relevant keywords. They may have a blog which pertains to a general subject such as gardening but may not be aware of the search terms typically used by Internet users when researching this subject. Fortunately there are many programs available which generate related keywords for a particular time which provides the blogger with other keywords they should consider incorporating into the blog. For the example of a blog pertaining to gardening the blogger may want to use additional keywords such as container gardening or home gardening to attract more interest from search engine users.

Generating Favorable Back Links

Back links are also another common factor used in search engine ranking algorithms. Many search engines consider the number of back links pointing to a website as well as the quality of the websites which provide these back links. This means the search engine rankings of the website which points to your blog could influence the amount of weight the back link contributes to your own rankings. This is because some search engines consider higher ranking websites to be more valuable than other websites which do not rank well and therefore reward websites receiving back links from these high ranking websites quite favorably.

Some search engine algorithms also consider whether or not the back links are reciprocated or not reciprocated. In these cases non reciprocal links are usually considered to be more valuable than reciprocal links. Also, back links which come from link exchanges or link farms are typically not considered to be very influential to search engine rankings.

How Images Can Improve Search Engine Rankings

Bloggers should also be aware that any pictures used on their blog can be used to improve search engine rankings with some search engines. This aspect of search engine optimization is often overlooked because many bloggers believe the pictures are not viewed by search engines. While this is true the search engines do crawl the code of the blog in addition to the content on the blog. This means the search engine will view the information provided in the image tags. Bloggers can take advantage of this by using the image tags to provide relevant keywords which can bolster search engine rankings. However, care should be taken to ensure the keywords used in these tags also accurately describe the image because blog visitors will often see the text included in these tags when they scroll over a picture on the blog