Wednesday, February 18, 2009

start making money online with seo:backlinks and seo importance

Directory service or( submission) has proven SEO technique popularly chosen by many of the website owners across the world. You might have come across a number of blogs and forums that talk about the essential benefits of this method. Most of the common Seo techniques are extensively used and too exhausted to work wonders for the traffic of most website. Directories will give you dual benefits which will definitely improve the traffic. You should try this method out in the competitive market of keywords. This will help you to get many back links, gain link popularity, achieve good search engine ranking etc. Websites will get noticed by the search engines as well by the link and other traffic. Here are some of the many benefits summarized for you to learn for.
  1. when you submit your web page to a directory you get a link towards your website from that particular site. This is the type of back link that you get from a directory submission. It can be a normal link directory or an article directory.When the search engine spiders go through the directories they get directed towards your website and this is how you get indexed in their result pages. There are free directories which will allow you to build back links without any cost or link back.
  2. Improvement in serps-The days of waiting for few weeks or months to get listed with Google in order to get good search engine page rankings are gone. Now you can get yourself listed in the specific categories of a directory which will make the search engines visit your page more often.If the category that you chose is relevant with the content of your website then the chances are high that you will get listing in the initial pages of the search engines.
  3. Increased keyword targeting-When you submit your website to a directory make sure you are using the most relevant keywords in the title of the website box. Usage of the anchor texts with appropriate keywords will improve the keyword targeting of your site. This will definitely give a boost to the search engine ranking which will effectively lead to huge web traffic.
  4. Increase the popularity of your brand-The directory submission process often plays an important role in creating brand awareness among the visitors of the web. You should include the name of your business or the brand you promote in the anchor text which is basically a part of keyword placement and this will make people aware of the existence of your business.If you are planning to spend little but get huge link popularity and relevant listings in the search engine pages, then the directories are the right place where you should refer. They will offer you long term benefits in terms of ranking and targeted traffic visits; hence this can be considered a cost effective way to promote an online business. Affiliate sales, link sales and also Adsense revenue are all likely to increase