Tuesday, February 17, 2009

start making money online with seo:don't Solely On Search Engine Optimizationseo

Optimizing your websites can be very beneficial because if done correctly it can bring you lots of free and targeted traffic that you would otherwise have to pay for through pay-per-click advertising. However there is a danger that you become too reliant on the search engines for your traffic.
The trouble is that the search engines, particularly the major ones such as Google, Yahoo and MSN are often tweaking their algorithms so the methods you use today to get you to the top of the search engines may not work tomorrow. This is something that many SEO marketers fail to realize or don't concern themselves with, but it's not uncommon for you to lose most of your traffic overnight as a result of a search engine changing the way they rank websites.
So no matter how many websites you run, it's always best to have back-up systems in place in case you do lose a lot of your search engine traffic. One way you can do this is to educate yourself about pay-per-click marketing so that you still have a profitable method of getting your sites to appear on the front page of results for your chosen keywords. This can be expensive but it can also be very profitable if you learn to do it correctly.
Another alternative is to build an email list in all of your various niches. So while you are at the top of the rankings, you should include an opt-in form on all of your web pages with an incentive for your visitors to join your list. This way you will always have a marketable list of prospects who you can send promotional offers to, no matter what may happen to your search engine traffic in the future.
A more drastic alternative is to simply create your own product and forget about SEO altogether. By creating an affiliate program and listing your product on an affiliate marketplace such as Clickbank or PayDotCom, for instance, you can leverage the power of affiliates to send you all the traffic you need. This way it's your affiliates who will be fighting over themselves to rank highly for your product keywords.
So you don't necessarily have to rely solely on high search engine rankings to give you decent profits from your websites. There are a few alternatives which will help you generate just as much money, and they are generally a lot less labour-intensive than SEO which can be very tedious and doesn't provide any guarantees of success in the long run.

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